About Us

Hi, and welcome to BestProteinPowderTips.com.

I always considered myself an active person who enjoyed feeling fit, but I never considered myself a super athlete. I never centered my life around health and fitness, though I played sports from the age of six and enjoyed a physical challenge from time to time. I also enjoyed my nights in the bar hanging out with friends doing things that were far from healthy.

You could say I was your average semi-healthy person until the summer of 2004. During a rowdy night out at the bar, a friend challenged me to run in an upcoming marathon. Not quite sober enough to acknowledge what I was committing to, I accepted that challenge.

It wasn’t until the next morning as I came out of my drunken haze that I did the math and realized that the marathon was only four months away. If you have ever taken on a marathon, you know that isn’t much time for a semi-healthy guy to train.

That was the physical challenge that saved my life. Four months allowed for enough intense training to get me through the race (with lots of pain and stress on the last half). It was also enough time to turn me into an avid runner who focused his life around health and fitness.

The Benefits of Protein Powder

As I transformed from that semi-healthy average guy into a marathon runner who could complete 26.2 miles in just under three hours, my interest in health and fitness supplements grew. I came to realize that maximizing my overall health and boosting my energy helped me perform better while training and during races.

Protein powder has many benefits for the semi-healthy average person as well as the super-healthy trained athlete:

  • Revive tired, sore muscle with glycogen that is depleted during intense workouts. This is why so many athletes and bodybuilders drink protein shakes after their workouts.
  • Help repair damaged muscle after intense weightlifting workouts. This applies not only to serious bodybuilders but anyone adding weight workouts to their fitness routine.
  • Increase overall protein intake without adding excessive calories, fat, and carbohydrates into the diet.
  • Help boost energy for a more productive daily life.
  • Provide a quick, healthy snack or meal replacement. You can avoid fast food and other junk when you have a protein shake ready to grab on your way out the door.

My interest in protein powder has centered on its universal appeal. Whether you weight 300 pounds or 130 pounds, it can help improve your health. Regardless of your health and fitness goals, you can use protein powder in some way to ensure you reach those goals.

Protein powder has helped me become a more health-conscious person, and I know it can help others who also want to improve their health and fitness. That is the reason I have devoted so much time to making this website possible.

A Healthy Life Is a Happy Life

Today, I have traded hanging out in the bars with friends for hanging out with my girlfriend in the Netherlands. Sports and yoga are a natural part of my daily life, and I still consider myself a health-conscious person.

I am forever thankful to my friend for issuing that drunken marathon challenge back in 2004. He opened my eyes to the realization that a healthy life is a happy life, and that is the life I want to live.

Good luck on your journey!