Brown Rice Protein Powder – A Guide for Consumers

If you are considering brown rice protein powder, you probably fit into one of the following groups:

1. You need to increase your protein intake but cannot stomach whey, casein and other types of protein powder.

2. You are a vegetarian or vegan and want to find a protein powder that meets the needs of your lifestyle as well as your body.

3. You prefer whole foods and natural products, and that includes your supplements. You want a protein powder made from foods that you would consume with a clear conscience in your daily life.

4. You simply want to live the healthiest life possible, and that means finding a nutritious protein powder that will help you reach your fitness goals while nourishing your body.

brown rice protein powder

Brown rice protein powder is made from whole brown rice, and the best products on the market right now don’t include added ingredients. The protein found naturally in brown rice is isolated and then turned into a powder. The powder is packaged without adding chemicals, preservatives or unnatural ingredients.

One of the biggest perks of using brown rice as a protein source is the easier digestion. Most people can tolerate raw brown rice far better than proteins taken from milk and other animal sources. If you have experienced digestive problems after consuming whey or casein protein, this is a good alternative to consider.

What about Creating a Complete Protein?

The problem with many vegetarian and vegan protein powders is the fact that they aren’t complete proteins. Proteins taken from milk and other animal products naturally contain complete proteins. This simply means that they provide all of the amino acids needed to build strong muscles and support a healthy body.

The protein found naturally in brown rice is not complete, but many protein powders combine other healthy ingredients to make them complete. You can also combine your brown rice protein powder with hemp protein powder or pea protein powder in order to create complete proteins from vegan protein powders. If you aren’t using protein powder to build muscle mass or help with protein synthesis after your workouts, you may get adequate protein intake from rice protein powder alone, even if it isn’t a complete protein.

Recommended Brown Rice Protein Powders

Nutribiotic Organic Rice Protein

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This protein powder is certified organic and contains no herbicides, pesticides, PCBs or genetically-modified organisms (GMO). The powder is 80% protein and provides many of the amino acids needed to complete a protein for muscle-building power. You will need to combine the powder with another vegan protein powder in order to provide complete proteins, especially if you want to use your protein powder to create after-workout shakes that help with protein synthesis.

This is an unflavored vegan powder that you can use for cooking and baking. If you want to create protein shake or smoothie, you will need to add other ingredients that provide flavor. If you want to bake your own high-protein cookies, brownies or other treats, this is a good option to consider due to the healthy ingredients.

Growing Naturals Organic Rice Protein

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This is an all-natural protein powder sourced from allergen-friendly brown rice, but it still delivers enough protein to complete with many whey protein powders. Each serving contains 24 grams of protein, and you can double your serving if you want to get even more protein out of every shake. This powder is flavored, so you can mix it with water or another liquid for a fast shake. You still have the option of adding other ingredients to create delicious shakes and smoothies with added nutrients.

MLO High-Fiber Rice Protein

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This is a vegan and gluten-free protein powder made from rice bran extract, brown rice syrup and brown rice concentrate. This is a pure rice protein powder that doesn’t contain added sugar, and it has a sweet taste that is a welcomed addition to fruit smoothies as well as protein shakes. This is a versatile powder that you can use to add fiber as well as protein into many different meals and snacks. If you don’t want a protein powder just for an after-workout supplement, this is a versatile powder that you should consider.

Peaceful Planet Rice Protein Powder

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This is a fat-free protein powder that offers 16 grams of protein in every serving. Each serving does contain 5 grams of carbohydrates, but you get some fiber which is not always present in protein powders. Water and enzymes are used to separate the protein from the carbohydrates present in the brown rice, and that is one of the most natural methods of separation. If you want to stick with whole foods and supplements that support your clean eating lifestyle, this is one of the best protein powders on the market today. It is also a great pick for vegans with strict dietary guidelines to follow.

Raw Power Raw Warrior Brown Rice Protein Powder

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This product delivers exactly what the name says: raw brown rice in powder form. The powder is made from raw, sprouted brown rice that contains no GMOs. Each serving of this powder offers just over 22 grams of protein. When you compare that to many other vegan or vegetarian protein powders, you will see that it is quite a bit higher than many other products. This makes it a good option if you want to make a high-protein shake to help your body build lean muscle mass. If you can’t tolerate whey or casein protein or just want a healthier after-protein shake, Raw Power makes excellent vegetarian products that are easier on the stomach and packed with nutritional value.

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