Most of the protein found in mammalian milk is casein protein. This protein isolated when milk is processed to create cheese. The casein proteins take on a gelatin form and are then collected for use in casein protein products, including the best casein protein powders.

Whey protein isolates also come from mammalian milk sources, but they behave differently when introduce to the human body. While whey protein is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, casein protein is slowly absorbed into the bloodstream.

That is why whey protein powder is often used for after-workout recovery and casein protein powder is typically used to maintain the overall supply of protein and essential amino acids in the body.

The Benefits of Casein Protein

casein protein powder

Casein protein is often referred to as second best in the market, with whey protein taking first place. This is often because many people who consume protein shakes want to build muscle and benefit from that fast release of essential amino acids.

The problem is that whey protein delivers that fast release of protein and then wears away quickly.

Casein protein delivers a more consistent delivery of protein and amino acids over a longer period of time. This slower delivery is important to interfere with the breaking down of muscle tissue within the body.

You want to burn fat and build muscle, but oftentimes the body does break down muscle tissue in an unhealthy manner.

The best casein protein powder consumed on a daily basis can stop this process so you maintain the muscle you have already developed.

Should You Combine Whey and Casein Protein Powder?

Since whey and casein protein powders both help with muscle development, repair, recovery, and maintenance, you may think about combining these types of protein. This is exactly what many people do to maximize their benefits from protein intake.

In fact, some of the best protein powder options are blended mixtures of casein and whey protein isolates. These blends are excellent options for protein shakes consumed throughout the day to sustain your energy and contain your appetite while increasing your protein intake.

If you prefer to keep your proteins separate, make sure you use whey and casein protein to maximize their individual strengths. This means taking your whey protein supplement after workouts or in the morning and your casein protein supplement before bed or between meals if you have a long wait to eat.

Allergies and Side Effects

It is not uncommon for even the best casein protein powder supplements to cause bloating and other stomach discomforts. This is whey professional bodybuilders will not use this supplement when they have a competition approaching. Some people are also allergic to this form of protein, so you may want to check with your doctor if you suffer from allergies.

More in-depth information about casein can be found at

The Best Casein Protein Powder Supplements

Now that you know how to use casein protein powder for maximum benefit, what are the best casein protein powder supplements on the market today? Following are my recommendations for pure casein protein powders. Drop below for a couple suggestions for whey-casein blends if that may suit your needs better.

Optimum Nutrition 100% Casein Gold Standard

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If you just want high quality casein protein powder without any extra ingredients, this may be your best option. Each serving delivers 24 grams of protein and more than 9 grams of essential amino acids. You can select from more than 10 flavor options, including some unusual options, such as blueberries and cream.

Hardcore Micellar Casein

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Micellar casein is the purest form of casein protein on the market today. The process that removes the casein protein isolates from its original milk product is chemical-free so the composition and form of the isolates is not disturbed. If you try to eat clean and do not like products created with chemicals, this is the best form of casein protein powder supplement. The Hardcore blend offers 19 grams of protein per serving, which is a bit lower than what you will find in many other casein protein supplements.

Dymatize Nutrition Elite Casein

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This is a micellar casein protein supplement that includes 10 grams of BCAAs, glutamine and precursors in the blend. Each serving offers 24 grams of pure casein protein designed for slow release. If you want a supplement with added BCAAs, this is a good option. You can read more about BCAAs and why they are important on my page for the best whey protein powder supplements.

The Best Whey-Casein Protein Blends

If you prefer a protein powder that mixes casein and whey protein for combined benefit, the following products are among the best on the market right now:

Platinum Hydro Builder

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This blend blends high quality micellar casein protein isolates with Hydro Whey isolates and Hydro Egg protein. Hydro stands for hydrolyzed, which means the amino acids have been broken down into smaller pieces so they are absorbed into the bloodstream even faster than regular whey protein isolates. Each serving of this blend offers 30 grams of protein and 13.5 grams of amino acids. Note that creatine is also included in the blend.

CytoSport Monster Milk

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Caution: this is the best whey and casein protein powder blend if you want to gain weight or seriously bulk up. Since each serving delivers more than 300 calories, it is not a diet or weight loss supplement. What it does deliver is 50 grams of high quality fast and slow releasing grams of protein with the addition of creatine. Micellar casein and hydrolyzed whey is used, so you do get a lot of top quality protein in every serving.

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