It is easy to get stuck balancing calories, fat grams and carb grams when you select a protein bar. While those things are important, there are many other considerations to keep in mind if you want to pick the healthiest protein bars possible. For example, all of the following can make a difference in how healthy a bar is for your body:

  • Natural ingredients
  • Fiber content
  • Artificial sweeteners and additives
  • Sugar, sugar alcohols and high fructose corn syrup
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Protein sources

Many of the best protein bars on the market contain unnatural ingredients that are not always considered healthy. If you are concerned with feeding your body in a wholesome manner or you follow a clean-eating lifestyle, you have to pay attention to more than the amount of protein offered. You have to think about where that protein came from and what ingredients accompany the protein.

If it is the total package that you are concerned with, which protein bars do you consider? The following list will introduce you to some of the healthiest protein bars currently on the market. Compare them with other options you have found to determine which bars best meet your health and fitness needs.

>> Show me the Kind Protein Bars <<

If health is your main concern and you can handle lower protein content in your bar, you cannot beat the Kind brand. Each bar is designed with the concept of kindness in mind. It’s all about showing kindness to your own body as well as to the natural world in which you live. That is why all Kind protein bars contain all-natural ingredients with limited amounts of sugar, sodium and fat.

All protein bars created by Kind are free of gluten, hydrogenated oils, and some are even dairy-free. Protein is obtained through all-natural sources, and that is why the bars do not contain as much protein as you will find in some other protein bars selling today. One thing you will notice when you read the label for a Kind bar is that you can actually pronounce and identify almost all ingredients on the label.

Quest Nutrition Peanut Butter Supreme Protein Bars

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This bar has one of the simplest ingredients list ever. It starts with a protein blend, and you know that the first ingredient on the label represents the ingredient most present any food source. The second ingredient is a natural prebiotic fiber that adds nutritional and health value to this bar. The remaining ingredients are natural foods that you might use when cooking a healthy meal, such as nuts and sea salt.

Each bar contains 20 grams of protein, but you only consume 210 calories. You also take in 21 grams of carbs per bar, and 17 grams of that carb content consists of dietary fiber. There are only 2 grams of sugar and 1.5 grams of saturated fat, and no tans fat at all. This is one of the healthiest protein bars, and it is suitable for those losing weight as well as those interested in adding more protein for enhanced muscle gain or weight gain.

Greens+ Natural Peanut Butter Protein Bars

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You will see protein blends that combine lower-quality proteins with higher-quality proteins in many other bars, but this bar keeps it simple with pure whey protein isolate and no other protein source. The rest of the ingredient list will look like few other protein bars that you will see on the market today.

You will find a varied selection of recognized super foods that benefit the body in amazing ways as well as natural herbal extracts and natural sweeteners like agave nectar. You might not get the maximum amount of protein from each of these bars, but you will pack in the nutritional value and do your body good. You can also benefit a good cause, since the Greens+ brand works with the Save the Chimps program to help chimpanzees endangered in today’s world.

These products represent some of the healthiest protein bars out there today, but don’t limit your options to these choices. Look at our recommendations for the overall best protein bars and the best protein bars for weight loss. Your goal is to find the most nutritious bar out there that suits your personal health needs. It might be on this list, but it might also be somewhere on the other lists featured on this site.

Don’t settle for anything but the perfect mix for your lifestyle. You want pure sources of protein and high-quality ingredients that help you reach your goals. This requires more than a study of the nutritional value of a bar. The calories and other numbers found on the back label are just as important if you need to lose weight, gain muscle or just gain weight.

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