Is protein powder good for you and should you trust all products currently on the market? This is an important question since you should always know what you are putting into your body and what affect it may have on your body. Protein powder is considered a supplement rather than a food, so you should apply the same reasoning that you apply when considering a fish oil supplement or melatonin to enhance your quality of sleep.

The best protein powders offer protein isolates taken from particular stages of the cheese-making process. These proteins are typically called whey or casein and they are dairy products. Other protein powders offer protein taken from soybeans, flaxseed and a variety of other vegetarian sources. These protein powders are great alternatives if you are allergic to dairy or live a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

When taken according to packaged instructions, protein powder can help you reach your health and fitness goals. There is no supplement that can completely take the place of healthy foods and a clean diet, so you cannot expect protein powder alone to deliver all of your nutritional needs. You should use it as a supplement as it was intended which means using it as an after-workout recovery, between-meal snack or occasional meal supplement.

What are the Benefits?

Protein powders allow you to increase your daily protein intake. This can help you in a variety of ways depending on your health and fitness goals. If you are a naturally skinny person who wants to look more muscular and strong, protein powder can help you increase your calorie and protein intake significantly without stuffing yourself with enormous portions of food each day.

If you are a serious bodybuilder or regularly put your body through intense strength-building workouts in order to bulk up or perfect your body, protein powder is often more affordable than purchasing bulk quantities of chicken, tuna and other high protein foods. In fact, it is often healthier to use a protein powder than to force large amounts of food into your stomach just for protein. You can control your carbohydrate, sugar and overall calorie intake while getting more protein into your diet.

Whey protein powder is an excellent way to help your muscles recover after an intense workout. Slower releasing casein protein powders are great for between meal supplementation when you want the protein to hit your body over time for a longer term energy boost.

If you are trying to lose weight, you may use a protein powder as a base for a meal replacement shake. A protein shake in the morning is a delicious and nutritious way to get your body going, and it is easy to mix up on mornings that leave you rushing for the door without time to cook. You still need to eat healthy meals, but higher protein will help you develop more lean muscle so you can burn more calories each day and lose more weight each week.

The Convenience of Protein Powder

It only takes a few minutes to drop a scoop or two of protein powder into a personal blender bottle and mix it up. It takes even less time to mix a protein shake in a blender bottle while you are away from home. You can add ice, milk, water and other ingredients to change the taste and consistency of your shake so it is more appealing to your taste buds. This is highly convenient, especially when you need to grab something fast and don’t want to pull through the drive-through.

Now, is protein good for you? You now understand the benefits and convenience of using protein powders, but there is one more question to consider: is protein powder bad for you? Check out the answer to that question to make sure you understand the pros and cons of using protein powder.

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