How to Get Your Protein on the Go

If you want to supplement your diet with considerable amounts of protein to reach your fitness goals, there will be days when getting that protein shake is just too much to handle. You may find yourself away from the kitchen most of the day, and you won’t want to pack down all of your protein for the day when you return home in the evening.

You may also need a quick and convenient way to get your protein on the go when you are at work or in other environments where you are restricted on time. There are only so many hours in the day, and you may need to get your extra protein without planning and preparing meals. You may not even have time to sit down for a meal, so protein shakes and bars are your best options.

Protein Bars

You can keep premade protein bars with you to ensure that you always have a protein-rich snack on hand. Some of these bars also contain fiber which will help you feel fuller between meals so that you aren’t eyeing the vending machines all day or racing for fast food. Another benefit is the delicious flavors, especially if you do not enjoy the texture or taste of most protein shakes.

If you want to use protein bars, invest in at least a couple flavors so that you don’t get bored eating the same thing all the time. You can buy them in bulk for far less than you can buy them individually at convenience stores. Look at my page recommending the best protein bars to learn more about the protein bars currently on the market.

On-the-Go Protein Powder

If you prefer protein shakes and want to mix your own, you will need a Sundesa BlenderBottle with BlenderBall and single-serving packets of protein powder.

If you prefer to use a protein powder that does not come in single-serving pouches, you can use the Munchkin Powdered Formula Dispenser or something similar to carry your protein powder with you in a convenient manner. It is designed for baby powder, but protein powder works just as well.

Most protein powders do not come in single-serving pouches at this time, but there are some reasonable options, such as these:

Biochem 100% Whey Protein

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You buy this protein powder in packs of 10 single-serving packets. The flavor is delicious, and you get a healthy dose of pure, filtered whey protein in every packet. These are often found on sale if you shop online, so they can be even cheaper than buying a larger bulk package of whey protein powder.

Jarrow Formulas Whey Protein

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This is a convenient product because you get a pack of 12 single-serving protein powders with three different flavor options. You don’t have to consume the same flavor over and over, and the price is incredibly affordable.

You will take in 17-18 grams of protein per packet, depending on which flavor you are drinking. Calories range from 94 to 105 per packet, so you could double up on your packets to get more protein without going overboard in calories.

The protein comes from whey, and there are no artificial sweeteners or flavors in this product. It is also gluten-free.

Biochem 100% Greens & Whey Vanilla Protein Powde

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This is not your typical protein shake, but it is worth mentioning because some people will appreciate consuming fibre and protein powder in a single snack or meal. These packets will create a green mix that contains fibre from natural greens and whey protein powder. This is a healthy mix that contains no artificial hormones.

Pre-Mixed Protein Shakes

If you prefer to get your protein in liquid form, you should consider pre-mixed protein shakes. These products come in small bottles much like the bottles of water and other drinks selling at convenience and grocery stores. They are similar to the shakes you may mix at home from powdered protein, but they are already mixed and ready to consume.

These shakes are a bit more convenient than protein bars because you don’t have to chew and swallow them. You can drink a shake just as you might drink a soda, water or coffee while working, taking care of children or doing other things. You can also keep these shakes on hand whenever you are away from  home to ensure no snack or mealtime is missed.

Look for pre-mixed protein shakes that have a considerable amount of protein in every shake. A good example is the Pure Protein Shake which comes in a can. One can offers 35 grams of protein with only 170 calories, 1 gram of fat and 4 grams of carbohydrate.

The only problem with pre-mixed shakes is keeping them cold so that they taste as good as possible. Protein shakes tend to taste better when they are chilled, so you may want to go with protein on the go bags of protein powder or protein bars when you cannot keep a shake cold.

Are You On a Budget?

If you need to watch your finances, the most affordable option for getting protein on the go is the single-serving pack. You can buy the powder dispenser for just a few bucks if you want to invest in other protein powders, but the individual packets are easier to carry around.

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