Pancakes don’t make the list for many healthy diet plans because they are typically made from refined carbohydrates with little to no nutritional value and are covered in sugary syrup. The fat and carbohydrate content is high, and the protein content is nonexistent. Luckily, there are some simple ways to make protein powder pancakes without the fat and refined carbs and with a heaping helping of protein.

There are many protein powder pancake recipes online, but the following guide will help you create many different recipes in your own kitchen. Experiment with different types of protein powder and fruits, or just go with whatever you have in the kitchen on any given day. Once you get started making this type of pancake, you will find yourself whipping them up whenever you need a fast protein-rich meal.

Step One: Pick your protein powder.

Whey protein powder is most commonly used when making pancakes with protein powder, but you can use egg white protein or your choice of vegetarian or vegan protein powder if you don’t want to use whey. Different types of protein powder will react differently when cooked, so you may need to experiment with the powders you already have in your home.

The flavor of your protein powder will affect the flavor of your pancakes. If you are adding peanut butter to the recipe, then you may want to use chocolate protein powder for a unique pancake creation. You can also use vanilla protein powder which combines well with bananas, blueberries and other fruits often added to protein pancake recipes. If you want the flavor of the other ingredients to stand out, use Now Sports Unflavored Protein Powder or Jarrow Formulas Unflavored Whey Protein Powder.

You can typically make three or four protein powder pancakes with one scoop of protein powder. If you need to take in more protein, then you can combine your pancakes with a protein shake or smoothie.

Step Two: Add eggs or egg whites.

If you need to add more calories to your daily diet and don’t mind the fat, you can use whole eggs. You will typically need two eggs for a single stack of pancakes. If you are watching your fat and calorie intake, then egg whites will work best. You will need two or three egg whites for a single stack of pancakes.

Step Three: Select a sweetener.

Stevia and other natural sweeteners are popular choices when cooking with protein powder because it doesn’t add to your calorie and fat intake. You may want to try honey if you like to eat clean and want to stick with completely natural ingredients. If you allow sugar in your diet, then you may choose to use that as well.

You also have the option of allowing your fruit and other added ingredients to provide the sweetness in your protein powder pancakes. Look at the next two steps to determine whether you can create the sweetness you desire without adding any sweetener.

Step Four: Add blueberries, banana or another fruit.

Get creative, or just use up whatever fresh fruit you have sitting around the kitchen. Blueberries and bananas are the most commonly used fruits because they have the perfect texture to hold the pancakes together while adding some healthy flavor.

Step Five: Add extra natural flavors (optional).

You can add peanut butter, cinnamon, almond milk or any other flavor addition that makes your mouth water. One small stack of pancakes often requires a half cup of almond or coconut milk, but you should add it in slowly and stop when you reach the perfect consistency for your pancakes. Use the same mix-in method for other ingredients you want to add in.

Once you have chosen your ingredients, simply mix them together into a batter and pour them into your pan. You pan cook protein powder pancakes just as you would cook regular pancakes. You can add wet or dry ingredients as needed to create the perfect pancake batter thickness. You can also determine how much fruit and other ingredients you want to add in order to create the flavor that you enjoy.

The Simplest Protein Pancake Recipes

If you want to make protein pancakes as simple as possible, mix one scoop of protein powder with two egg whites and a bit of fresh fruit. Smash the fruit before adding the protein powder and egg whites, and then mix it up into a batter.

From that pancake base, you can add a variety of ingredients to alter the flavor and texture. See the steps listed above if you want to create protein-rich pancakes that are a bit more complicated.

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