There was a time when protein was only obtained through foods that contained protein. Then manufacturers started producing powdered protein that allowed consumers to mix their protein into foods, drinks and shakes at their convenience. With time, even mixing a shake was too inconvenient, so manufacturers came up with protein bars for on-the-go protein loading.

Today, manufacturers have taken it a step further by creating protein shots. If you have seen the energy shots in the small bottles sitting near the registers in gas stations, you understand the concept of a protein shot. The bottles look about the same, but they contain concentrated protein shakes instead of energy drinks.

Many protein shots will contain enough protein to match one full serving of some protein powders. You will not typically get more than 30 grams of protein in a single shot, but many powders do not offer more than 30 grams per serving either.

Why Drink a Shot?

These shots are used purely for the sake of convenience. If you are short on time and want to keep your hands free, you can down a shot real quick and get on with your day. Your hands are not occupied like they would be if you chose a protein bar instead, and you never have to worry about mixing a shake. Simply shake the bottle, drink it and throw it away. You get your protein in just minutes.

Protein shots are also light on your stomach. You can get protein to your muscles quickly after your workout, or you can add extra protein to a meal without feeling too stuffed.  If you need to increase your protein intake throughout the day but are too busy to stop for breaks, it is easy to take a protein shot between tasks without anyone else noticing.

If you fit into either of these two groups, you are most likely to benefit from keeping shots on hand:

1. You need to consume an extremely large quantity of protein each day, and you cannot possibly eat that many grams in actual food and shakes. Your stomach simply won’t hold it.

2. You want to increase your protein intake, but you don’t have the time to mix shakes and prepare large, protein-rich meals. Your schedule simply won’t allow it.

In both of these cases, you can benefit from keeping protein shots on hand. You can still use protein shakes when you have the time or empty stomach to accommodate them, but when that isn’t possible, the shots are your backup plan.

Even if you just want to add a bit of extra protein to your diet and are not taking this too seriously, shots may serve their purpose on occasion. They may give you a zap of energy when you are feeling sluggish or help keep your stomach under control when you have to wait to find a healthy meal. Some shots include energy boosters, but others provide pure protein.

The Best Protein Shots Available Today

Protein to Go Plus Energy Shots

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The added energy in this shot comes from caffeine, so it isn’t much different than stopping at Starbucks or grabbing a small energy drink when you start to feel sluggish. Each shot delivers 28 grams of whey protein with no sugar and only 1 gram of carbohydrate.

There is one other advantage to choosing this shot: flavor! Many users enjoy the taste and texture of these shots, and that is always a bonus in the protein market. You won’t feel like you are choking down a bottle of chalk with Protein to Go Plus.

Protein to Go Smoothie Shots

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This is the same brand featured above, but the smoothie shots contain hydrolyzed protein. This means the protein is broken down into small pieces for faster absorption into your body. Each shot contains 128 calories, 28 grams of protein and 5 grams of carbohydrates, but they are fat free. This is also a gluten and lactose-free smoothie that does not contain artificial sweeteners or dyes.

Since there is no caffeine added to the smoothie formula, you won’t get the energy jolt that comes with the Plus Energy shots. That may be a good thing if you want to take more than one shot in order to increase the total protein consumption.

New Whey Green Apple Liquid Protein

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Do you want more protein from a single shot? This apple shot is your answer. Each shot contains 42 grams of protein with zero fat. You also take in less than 200 calories and only 2 grams of carbohydrates per shot. Many users do not appreciate the taste of this shot, but if you want pure protein on the go without the hassle of mixing a shake, it may be worth the short-term inconvenience of bad taste.

How to Make Protein Shots Affordable

Once you start pricing these shots, you will see that they can become a hefty expense if you purchase one bottle at a time. The trick to making them affordable is to purchase multiple bottles in bulk. You don’t have to rely upon convenience stores that may carry this type of product. Keep your own supply in a convenient place so that you can pop a shot whenever it is needed. You only have to purchase shots occasionally, so you can budget for the expense ahead of time.

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